Sunday, March 29, 2020

Finger-spelling Challenge!

Hi 4K Friends!
I tried creating a video for you today (it's a little dark, so I'll keep working on that for next time to hopefully get better lighting). I want you to write in a comment below or respond in an email with which number your name was finger-spelled on. Ex. If your name was fingered spelled on question number 3, you would respond with your name was number 3. If you recognize any of your friends names you can write those in too!
Have fun with this little "challenge"!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Dog Trainers/Dog Sports Miss Andrea & Miss Sarah 3/13/2020

Miss Andrea and Miss Sarah brought their dogs to school to talk about therapy dogs and dog sports. Miss Andrea's dogs are therapy dogs, but do participate in some of the dog sports. Miss Sarah's dogs participate in the dog sports. Miss Andrea showed us a slideshow of some of the sports the dogs do that we can't do in a classroom, such as an agility course (jumping over poles and through hoops), dock jumping where the dog runs fast and jumps off a dock into water to retrieve one of their favorite toys, and showing of the dog in front of judges. After the slide show Miss Andrea and Miss Sarah did some awesome tricks with their dogs for us (and a couple of the students got to help!).

Smelling around the room for a sent.


Stepping onto a "platform" with both front paws.

Stepping into a box with all four paws.

Medium Box

Little Box

Stepping onto a "spot" or ball with all four paws at a time.

Nose touch a ball

Standing on hind legs and holding my toy.

Standing on hind legs, squeaking my toy, and shaking my toy.

Walking backwards, spinning around, and end standing between Mom's legs.


Jumping onto Mom's back.

Sitting nicely and looking cute on the ground.

Jumping "bump" off Mom.

Holding onto a pole.

Balancing on Mom's feet.

Jumping over 4K friends and a pole.

So many treats for being "good boys" and "good girls"

Hygienist Mrs. Peters 3/13/2020

Mrs. Peters talked with the 4Kers about what she does as a hygienist; She cleans teeth, checks them to make sure there are no cavities in any of your teeth, she flosses teeth, and she takes X-rays (pictures) of people's teeth. Mrs. Peters brought in a couple paper copies of X-rays for us to see and a fake tooth that was healthy on one side and had a big cavity on the other side. After Mrs. Peters talked about her job a couple of the students got to be "teeth" or hygienists for a demonstration to properly clean your teeth, which means you have to brush the front side, the tongue side, and the top of your teeth. It also means you have to floss in between all of your teeth and the back sides of your last teeth (the ones WAAAY in the back of your mouth). When our teeth cleaning demonstration was done Mrs. Peters brought a glow-in-the-dark sticker and a toothbrush for everyone to bring home and use!

Showing what a child sized toothbrush looks like.


Cleaning Teeth

Helper Hygienists 

Cleaning our "Teeth" 

"the front side"

"the top"

"the tongue side"

Flossing our "Teeth"

Thank you very much for visiting our class!

Construction Worker Mr. Peters 3/13/2020

🔩 🔨📏 Mr. Peters talked about his job as a construction/remodeling worker. His focus is on installing dry wall and making sure walls are made correctly. He also does windows and doors with his work partner. Since his specialty is walls, Mr. Peters brought in a wall and showed the class what a wall looks like before it is finished and up in our house, and he let all the kids mud the seam of the wall to finish it. We did talk about how the wall isn't completely finished because we would have to go back two more times with the mud on the seam, then paint the wall a color we like before it would be completely finished. The kids had a blast "playing" with mud to finish a wall. 📏🔨 🔩


🔩 🔨📏 Thank you again for visiting our class! 📏🔨 🔩

Chief Joe Hofacker & Fireman Steven Brincks-Town of Center Fire Department 3/12/2020

Chief Hofacker and Fireman Brincks from the Town of Center Fire Department came to school to talk about what firefighters do in our community. When asked the question of who to call if there is a fire, all of the 4Kers knew it was 9-1-1! Chief Hofacker talked about the fire suites all the firefighters have to wear to go into a fire while Fireman Brincks put on the uniform. An interesting fact we learned is the firefighters can only wear their uniform for eight years before it is no longer safe for them to wear. When the kids were asked if they could keep a uniform that is their age, they said yes because they are only 4 or 5, but some of their siblings would have to get a new uniform because they are 8 or 9, or older. Before the firemen left they gave each student a Fireman hat to keep.


Thank you very much for visiting our class!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Silvia-Dog Trainer 3/12/2020

🐾 Silvia is a Dog Trainer who showed us how we train dogs by using a "clicker" and treats. Declan "Dekkie" visited our class for a little while to help Silvia show some tricks. Silvia also asked for a couple of the 4K friends to help demonstrate so they could try and see how commands and treats (stickers) will reinforce good behavior. 🐾

Sitting nicely
Spin trick
Buddha trick
Laying down and getting a treat

Gavin "sit." He sat nicely and got a sticker.

Lachlyn lifted her elbow nicely, so she got a sticker. Silvia was working on building up a full trick with Lachlyn. The full trick was to "bump" elbows.

Ryan "bring it." Ryan brought the item he wasn't supposed to touch to Silvia and got a sticker after he put the toy down.

Jaxton "leave it." Jaxton left the toy he wasn't supposed to touch, and came to his 'owner' when called. He was given a sticker for his good behavior.

Alex "bring it." Alex "drop it." Alex brought and dropped the toy when asked; he got a sticker.

🐾 Thank you again for visiting our class! 🐾

Mrs. Van Camp-the Nurse 3/5/2020

Mrs. Van Camp came to school to talk about nursing and how she teaches students to become nurses. After reading and discussing a nursing book she let the kids try some of her nursing tools. They had so much fun listening to their hearts beat or their stomachs 'gurgle.'


Mrs. Van Camp let all the kids pump the blood pressure cuff.

Listening to our hearts or bellies

Nurse, Mrs. Van Camp is better known as Mom to Lexie 😊

Thank you again for visiting our class!