Tuesday, November 12, 2019

November Book Orders!


Dear 4K Parents don't forget November book orders are due this Thursday, November 14!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Upcoming Dates

Dear 4K Families,

Here is a list of some upcoming dates to be aware of.

Wednesday, November 27th: We have school today!
                                                4K Extended Day- No School
                                                NO Aftercare today

Thursday, November 28th: NO SCHOOL! Enjoy your Holiday Break!

Monday, December 23, 2019-Friday, January 3, 2020- NO SCHOOL! Enjoy your Winter Break!
                              *HASD informed us we DO NOT have school Thursday, January 2nd.

*I have not heard anything yet from HASD as to what and when our rescheduled field trip will be.*

October 21-24 & 28-31

Dear 4K Families,

Last week the kids had a quick vision screening through the Lion's Club. They came into school and tested the kids' attentascopes (eyes) to make sure they can all see.The kids were super excited and discussed that they had to get them checked so they could see where they were walking as well as being able to know what to do in the classroom.

We also had two bus drivers come to school with a big school bus to teach us about bus safety. They were able to sit on the bus to listen to the rules and how the bus driver keeps them safe. The kids were also given the chance to practice walking across the street safely. To do this they had to watch the bus driver for the safe signal, stay behind the yellow post on the bus, then cross in front of it once the bus driver gives the safe signal, and then double check the other side of the bus before crossing the street.

Students have been working with numbers by using magnetic numbers, matching puzzles together with numbers and pictures, and completing fun worksheets to match the number to the picture with the correct amount.
This week the students played "Roll & Cover/Color" twice. The first time they rolled the dice and colored a candy corn picture to practice numbers 1-12, and the second time they rolled a single die to practice numbers 1-6 and colored a ghost.
Students read a mini book with Mrs. Sandy this week during small groups about counting candy. In this book they practiced reading and seeing number words, touch counting candies (on the pages; no real candy was used), reading and seeing color names, and coloring the candies the correct colors.
Yesterday, the students colored pumpkins with shapes on them for morning work. During small groups they had to count all the shapes and color how many of each shape onto a graph. They watched me demonstrate how to do it, then they all counted their own pumpkins and graphed the amounts independently; everyone did very well with it and really enjoyed doing it. For each small group Miss Peters graphed the total amount a one shape so the kids could see how many in all the group had.

Students have been working with letters through games and puzzles. Last week we completed a book using our sight word "-at". Students had to high light the word, say it, then say a word with "-at" at the end of it. Ex. cat, hat, bat, were some of the words they saw in their book. They also worked with the sight word by completing a worksheet that was all about "at". They had to find and circle the word, point and say the word, then we read two sentences with the sight word in it.
We have been working on rhyming. When reading books I will say two words and if they rhyme the kids will say, "That rhymes, that rhymes." and if they don't rhyme they say, "No way!" They have also completed a couple fun worksheets to practice their rhyming in small groups.
This week the kids read two mini-books with me in small groups. The first one was about creatures of Halloween. They used their pointer finger to track the words as we read the story and they were able to create the last page of the book by drawing the picture of what they are going to be for Halloween and saying the sentence for the page, which I wrote underneath their picture. The second mini book we read was about sounds we hear in October, especially around Halloween. The sounds were a witch broom swishing "sh," a ghost sound "oo," an owl sound "oo," a pumpkin laughing "ee," and a cat meow "ow." The kids had a blast reading the book and making the sounds the characters made.

Students colored a spooky tree scene this morning which they were able to take home and hang up for Halloween. They also chose one book mark to color. I will laminate them and give them back to the kids to keep.

Every week we do a Second-Step card that has a puppet skit, a picture and short reading, and a couple activities for us to practice the skill for that week. So far we have learned about using our listening ears, our attentascopes (eyes), and using self-talk. The kids have been able to practice these skills often in our classroom. When they are struggling to focus we ask them to take their attentascopes out and this helps them refocus their bodies very quickly. Once everyone has calmed their bodies they put their attentascopes away, but have to imagine they are still out so they know what they have to do next in class.
We teach the kids to use their strong voice and kind words and actions with their friends so they can all play together and enjoy having all their friends in class. We also teach them to take calming breaths or going to the Safe Place in our classroom if they need a little extra help to calm their bodies before participating in class activities again. Our Second-Step program will discuss different calming breaths in a few weeks as another tool for them to use.

Fall/Halloween Classroom Festival
Today we listened to some spooky music while the kids ate snack and colored their bookmarks, we watched a fall movie, and played different Fall/Halloween games. Jaxton's mom, Miss Jenny, joined in the fun today as well! The activities we did were Halloween Bingo, Roll & Color a Ghost, and counting and coloring the matching number of candies on a worksheet (no actual candies were used). Some of our friends brought in a little "treat" for their friends to bring home.


Ring Toss

Cover a Ghost

Color the Candy

Fall Fest @ St. Ed's- October 17, 2019

Dear 4K Families,

All of our friends who attended the 4K Fall Fest Family Night had a blast! They were able to make their own paper Jack-O-Lantern, search for creepy crawly bugs in a sensory bin, play an acorn math game, color a Fall Mural, do a Witch Hat Ring Toss Game, and run a fun obstacle course our gym teacher, Ms. LeClare, put together. It was a fun night!

                                                                  Awesome Costumes!

                                                   Creepy Crawly Sensory Bin

                            Jack-O-Lantern Art Project

                              Obstacle Course

                               Witch Hat Ring Toss

SUPER excited about getting a ring on the hat!

                               Reading Time

                               Acorn Math Game

                                            Fall Mural
Everyone took a turn to color the mural!

Sunday, October 20, 2019


  • Thursday, October 17, 2019- Fall Fest at St. Edward School 5-6:30pm.
    • Pictures from the event will be posted in a separate post.
  • Tuesday, October 22, 2019- Field Trip to Hofacker's Hillside Orchard
    • Dress for the weather!
  • Thursday, October 24th- NO AFTERCARE! St. Ed's has early release at 11:30am, so all Extended Day friends will need to take the 11:30am bus or get picked up.
    • If you ride the bus at the end of the school day (3pm) you will be on the 11:30am bus.
    • If you are pick-up or aftercare you will need to be picked up at 11:30am.
The weather is getting colder. Please make sure your student wears a winter coat, hats, and gloves/mittens to school every day. If they do not have any of these items they will get cold when we are outside. Once the snow comes students MUST have a winter coat, hat, gloves/mittens, snow pants, and snow boots. If they do not have all of these items they will not be able to play. They will have to join the class outside, but will only be allowed to watch.

September 30-October 3; October 7-10; October 14-17

Dear 4K Families,

It has been crazy in 4K with all of the new things we have been learning, hearing that our field trip was rescheduled, and getting ready for our Fall Fest tonight! I will include the last two weeks information in today's post about this week.

To end our bug unit we did a fun art project where we got to smack bugs with a fly swatter filled with paint. The kids learned so much in this unit and had a blast with it. If they didn't share any of the information with you I would be surprised. We learned that insects have three body parts- head, thorax, and abdomen, antenna, and six legs. Some insects have wings and some do not. Most have lots of colors, but some only have one or two colors. The kids thought it was neat that bugs that are poisonous had bright colors on them to warn other bugs to stay away! We learned that spiders are not insects, they are arachnids, meaning they only have two body parts, eight legs, and no antenna.

"Shoo Fly" bug project

"Shoo Fly" bug project

We started our Seasons Unit with Fall. We have learned about October because it is one month that occurs during Fall and it is the month we are currently in. Today we learned that there are many fun activities we can do in October, such as Halloween, picking pumpkins, and raking and playing in colorful leaves. We have also learned that the temperature gets colder in Fall so we have to start wearing warm coats, hats, and mittens/gloves.

Leaves- we have talked alot about the leaves we see outside and in the stories we have read. The kids have noticed the leaves are no longer green, but are orange, red, yellow, purple, or brown. We discussed the reason for the changing of the colors because it is getting colder out and the trees have to get ready for winter. We have read many books this week about why the leaves change colors, we can chase, rake, and play in the leaves, and that some animals use the leaves, branches, or acorns and other nuts from the trees to sleep in or eat.
Pumpkins- we have read about pumpkins and learned they start out being green and turn into orange. When they are orange they are ready for us to pick and bring home. Many of our friends have said they already have gone to the pumpkin patch to get their pumpkin, and others will be going to the pumpkin patch soon to get theirs.

On September 11 we discussed Patriot Day, the remembrance day for 9/11. On October 1st we discussed Veteran's Day briefly because we had the chance to make Thank You cards with the older kids of St. Edward School. One of our 4th graders and her mom will have the chance to go on the Honor Flight with a relative and asked if the school could make Thank You's for the veterans who may not get mail when they do Roll Call. The 4Kers were so excited they got to make the cards for the veterans and be able to do it with the rest of the kids from school! All of their cards turned out great!

                                            Thank You cards for the Veterans



In September we made "We Will Never Forget" ribbons for 9/11.

In October we have made:
Pumpkins, Fall leaves for morning work, 

Fall leaf trees

Fall leaves, bugs, and plants for our bulletin board in the hallway.

Our Class Caterpillar


Every Monday the kids have been tracing their names on sheets of paper. For other papers or art work the kids will write their names (no tracing) so we know who the paper or artwork belongs to. Their names are improving alot since the first week of school!

In small groups we have been practicing our upper case letters to help learn what the symbol is called and what sound the letter makes. (i.e. the symbol A is "A" and it makes the short and long /a/ sound.). The students who know 24-26 upper case letters worked on the lower case letters one day in small groups. They did very well with this. The lower case letters for b, d, p, q were a little tricky, but after awhile they were able to get most of them. We also discovered that when using lower case letter manipulatives if we turn them different ways the same letter can be all all four of the lower case letters listed above (b, d, p, q).

We read many books as a class. We have learned the different parts of a book and what an author and illustrator are. Before we are reading, as we are reading, and after we are reading I will ask the kids questions about the book and they have to answer them. Many of the kids are getting really good at remembering what they books are about by asking the key questions. (Ex. 1.Why does the cover have colorful leaves on it?-The book was about fall leaves. Ex. 2. Why did the tree at the end of the book not have leaves?-It is winter.)

The students also have many opportunities to read and look at books themselves. After morning work or snack, sometimes for a student led center, or one of the centers during free play time they have a book look. They get to look at the classroom books, books Miss Peters brings from the public library, and from the books Mrs. Brincks lets us use from the school library.

Every other Tuesday the students read with their 1st Grade Reading buddies. They are really enjoying it.

In small groups students have been working on identifying shapes, colors, and numbers by playing games with manipulatives and Mrs. Sandy. One of the games they enjoy is the Owl game. Students get to practice colors and counting how many owls their are, placing the correct number of owls on the tree or in their group, seeing which group of owls has more, which has less, and what number comes next in the sequence.
Studetns have been learning about patterns and groups by placing Halloween and Fall erasers into matching buckets or putting the same object in a group. (Ex. put all the pumpkins in the pumpkin bucket, all the witches in one pile and all the candies in another pile, or making a pattern with a bat, candy, spider, bat, candy, spider, etc.)

Student book orders were placed on October 13 and arrived today after school. If you ordered books we will have those out to you on Monday. Check your student's backpack for them.

On Wednesday, October 9 we had our second fire drill. We also had some special visitors-the Town of Center Firefighters. The firefighters came and gave a talk about fire safety. We learned about smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, that we need to have at least two ways to escape our house if there is a fire, and if there is a fire in our house we have to get out as quickly as possible and then call 911 once we are safely out of the house. Everyone got a chance to walk through the fire engine (truck) and use the fire hose. If you would like the picture of your student with one of the fireman and them working the fire hose please let me know so I can email you a copy of them. The kids had a blast!

Students by the fire engine

2019-2020 4K Class by the fire engine

The weather is getting colder. Please make sure your student wears a winter coat, hats, and gloves/mittens to school every day. If they do not have any of these items they will get cold when we are outside. Once the snow comes students MUST have a winter coat, hat, gloves/mittens, snow pants, and snow boots. If they do not have all of these items they will not be able to play. They will have to join the class outside, but will only be allowed to watch.


  • Thursday, October 17, 2019- Fall Fest at St. Edward School 5-6:30pm.
    • Pictures from the event will be posted in a separate post.
  • Tuesday, October 22, 2019- Field Trip to Hofacker's Hillside Orchard
    • Dress for the weather!
  • October book orders were submitted and have arrived. If you ordered books they will be in your student's backpack Monday night; be sure to check them so you can start reading your new books!
  • November book orders will be sent home next week. There will be some great opportunities to get some awesome gifts for the holidays or upcoming birthdays in these order forms!
Best wishes,

Miss Peters

Monday, September 30, 2019

Field Trip Cancelled Due to Weather!

Dear Families,

The HASD has decided to cancel our field trip to Hofacker's Hillside Orchard for tomorrow, October 1, 2019 due to inclement weather. At this time we are unsure if we will be able to reschedule it. It sounds like they should be getting this information to us tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Miss Peters