Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Construction Worker Mr. Peters 3/13/2020

🔩 🔨📏 Mr. Peters talked about his job as a construction/remodeling worker. His focus is on installing dry wall and making sure walls are made correctly. He also does windows and doors with his work partner. Since his specialty is walls, Mr. Peters brought in a wall and showed the class what a wall looks like before it is finished and up in our house, and he let all the kids mud the seam of the wall to finish it. We did talk about how the wall isn't completely finished because we would have to go back two more times with the mud on the seam, then paint the wall a color we like before it would be completely finished. The kids had a blast "playing" with mud to finish a wall. 📏🔨 🔩


🔩 🔨📏 Thank you again for visiting our class! 📏🔨 🔩

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