Friday, March 6, 2020

February 17-20, 24-27

The letters of the alphabet we practiced these two weeks by tracing, writing, and saying their name and sounds include: Bb, Rr, Ss, Uu, & Jj.

The kids practiced working on identifying beginning sounds of words with and played Rhyming Bingo during small groups.
When doing calendar every morning I will ask the students to identify what sound they hear in the days of the week (ex. What sound do you hear in Monday? They have to say the sound for "M" /m/. )

The week of February 17th we had a snow day and the following week we were able to read with our 1st Grade Book Buddies! The last 5 minutes our book buddies let us work with their Math Bin tools again!


We practiced numbers in many ways in small groups with Mrs. Sandy or Mrs. Romnek when Mrs. Sandy was on vacation.
To help us learn and identify the names of numbers 0-10 the students used counters to count out the amount for the number picked, use counters & crayons to fill in a ten-frame after picking a number card, and they learned how to play Go Fish! The face cards were even included so they could practice the letter names.

Social Studies
Feb. 24 we started our Community Helpers Unit. We read a book and discuss the community helper we read about to learn about their job. We discuss what the job is, what the community helper's job title is (Veterinarian, Police Officer, Teacher, Nurse, etc.), what their uniform is, and what tools they need and use for their job. We will try to have as many special guests to come in and talk about their job to hear personal experience stories.
On Monday, February 24th we had three special guests visit our classroom. Deputy Sheriff Brian Peters, Deputy Randy Southard and K9 officer Nero from the Outagamie County Sheriff's Department came to talk to us about what they do to help keep us safe. Deputy Sheriff Peters talked about his job and showed us his SWAT vest and helmet; he even let the kids try them on. Deputy Southard told us about how Nero helps him find drugs, which are not good for us, to help keep our city clean. He also had K9 Nero follow some commands-sit and stay- in German. Deputy Southard & K9 Nero showed us how Nero likes to play with his fun toy. Mrs. Cowart held the toy very tight, Deputy Southard gave Nero a command and he leaped forward to grab the toy from Mrs. Cowart.
*All pictures from today will be in a separate post.*

Social Emotional Skills (StepTwo Program)
We have been working a lot on calming breaths in our StepTwo Program. Sometimes our puppet friends Jackson and Belle will visit to help us remember and learn new calming breaths. The names of our calming breaths include belly breathing, the STAR, the Drain, and the Pretzel. Next week we will learn how to do and use the Balloon breathing breath.

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